Benjamin Sears
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In my drawings and paintings, I explore psychological spaces. Each piece begins with an image that has psychological resonance for me. Lately I have been working with empty clothing and stadium interiors as starting points. Through the process of making, erasing, remaking and layering, I start to understand what I am going after. The relationship that I have with each drawing deepens over the course of months or, sometimes, years. By the time I am ready to call a drawing finished it has usually been made and re-made many times. The history of each piece can be seen through the layers of ink, paint and charcoal.
Each piece that is created, however strange, reminds me of something fundamentally human and relates to my experience in the world. Many of the themes that develop are about core human experiences and struggles: isolation, connection, and self-worth. Ultimately I am pursuing my own inner landscape, peeling back the layers to reveal the secrets beneath the surface of things.